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“Arambagh’s Foodmart” chain of retail outlets was started in the year 1997, in the concept of Convenience Stores of average 600-1000 sqft area, following the concept of the international “7-11” chain. With USP’s of good quality, attractive promotions and location convenience, Arambagh’s Foodmart was a quick success. The chain has now expanded to 64 shops in West Bengal, out of which 37 are in Kolkata, 18 in other tier II cities and 9 in North Bengal including Siliguri and Jalpaiguri. The shops sell fast moving consumer goods like grocery, toiletry, confectionery, frozen products and stationery. The chain is considered among the top 3 retail chains in modern trade in Bengal.

The Convenience Store format has its own dynamics. Owing to changing demographics with increase in the number of nuclear families, working couples and elderly couples living alone – who do not want to, or cannot go out grocery shopping – USPs are developed more in the line of convenience or ‘Value for Time’ along with Value for Money. Convenience is provided in terms of location of store (near markets/on the main road with parking space), quick checkout, free home delivery for any order amount and telephonic order acceptance. Value for money is provided through exclusive promotions every month rather than price cuts. Instead of loyalty cards, the Company believes in creating loyal base of customer through such services, convenience and instant gratifications like a free item on higher bill value.

The carefully chosen USPs include-

Service Level:

  • Quick reach
  • Quick checkout
  • Telephonic order
  • Free home delivery for any bill amount
  • No-frill merchandising
  • Multiple payment option

Product Level:

  • Free items on every bill over 2000/-
  • Attractive promotions all year
  • Optimum product selection to include daily need items
  • Best quality private label of groceries