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At Arambagh’s Foodmart, we hold our customers’ trust to be of the highest importance. In our own packaged grocery and spices category, we do not sell anything that a baby cannot be fed. We do not use chemical preservatives or pesticides, not even during the prolonged monsoon months. The wide range of rice, daal, flour, sugar, salt, dry fruits, whole and powdered spices are of highest quality, procured from the trusted growers & no preservatives, chemicals or pesticides are used in entire supply chain.

You can trust our atta to be of rich fiber content, easy to digest and totally natural. Our salt contains 17.54 ppm iodine and is regularly tested for iodine content at reputed labs.

We grind our own spices to ensure that they are pure spice powders without any adulteration. Our Haldi powder contains no added color and does not turn the food rich yellow as the other popular brands do. Our red chili powder adds flavor and taste to food but only the red color that is naturally possible.

Our procurement and packaging unit is FSSAI certified and has strict quality control norms with regular audits.