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Located on a mountain 4864 feet above sea level, Giddapahar is a short drive from Kurseong. The tea from Giddapahar Estate is very delicate due to the lower temperatures here and also because the area itself is covered by mist for a good part of the year. Due to the temperature, the tea bushes from the estate produce a fine bouquet with great aromatic quality and a delicate floral smell.

Darjeeling produces teas that enthrall both tea connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike. Darjeeling produces all tea varieties - black, oolong, green, and white. The tea produced here is rich in legacy with unparalleled taste. When you buy Darjeeling teas, you’re choosing one of the world’s best teas, one that carries its history easily, and is quite simply a classic.

The altitude of Thurbo ranges from 762 metres to 1890 metres. Situated in idyllic Mirik, near Nepal, established in 1872, Thurbo nestles in the shadows of the mighty Kanchenjunga. The forces of nature combine here to bless the teas with an unmatched quality. The indigenous clonal teas have unique character: Teas imbued with a rare and delicate fragrance, that fetch awesome prices. The autumn flush is redolent with a delicate mellow flavour.

Makaibari is the world's first tea factory and was established in 1859. It follows a form of integrated forest management utilizing permaculture where the tea bush is part of a multi-tier system of trees and plants typical of a sub-tropical rainforest, as opposed to a monocultural farm that grows only one crop. Makaibari retains 70% of its entire area under forest cover. Makaibari’s dedicated organic practices resulted in the first tea estate in the world to be certified organic in 1988. All Tea varieties are produced by the leaves and buds of the same plant, Darjeeling tea mostly from same genus, Camellia Sinensis.

Souchong – A twisted leaf picked from the bottom of the tea bush. Often used for China smoked teas. Broken Leaf teas produce a darker cup and infuse faster than whole leaf teas.

FTGFOP 1 Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1. Mainly from Darjeeling, some from Assam. The finest grade of production, manufactured with exceeding care; even leaves and tippy (having white or golden tips).

SFTGFOP: Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1. Superlative grade. It contains many tips and is long and wiry in appearance. The liquors are lighter in color.

The CTC blend is a mix of 50% CTC tea and 50% leaf tea of very fine quality that gives the perfect blend of texture, color and aroma.